Monday, September 10, 2007

My Hot Little Tomato, here and there

Colleen McKee's smash chapbook, My Hot Little Tomato, has caught the eye of a few reviewers.

From St. Louis, The Daily Sauce e-letter included a story on July 31 about My Hot Little Tomato and you can find it here: Sauce describes the collection as "utterly readable" poems about "love, lust, forgiveness and disappointment."

And from way over the pond, supporting the notion that good poems do go far, New Hope International Review includes a review by Alan Hardy. You can read it here: Hardy observes that "Colleen McKee has a very vibrant sense of sexuality, a very tactile affinity with objects and people around her where feelings, senses and moods morph into one. . . " He does some serious damage to the stereotype of the up-tight Brit by focusing on the physical and sensual aspects of Colleen's poetry: "Her strength is in the unalloyed glorification of and wallowing in the physicality of her sexual universe, and its imagery. . . " Clearly, these are poems that make an impact!