Sunday, February 14, 2010

On hold...

Regretfully, I'm putting Cherry Pie "on hold" for a few months while I put together a more useful website.  I will not be accepting submissions for review until that's complete.  Please watch for progress...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Antiques and Jewels: A Winning Poem!

Here is a jewel of a poem submitted for the 'Antiques and Jewels' writing challenge on January 9. Congratulations gaye gambell-peterson! She comments, with her submission, "Who knew this photo would inspire a love song, ... this tiny wedge of a poem?" Indeed.

We approach our wedding anniversary
a matched pair
replendent and oh-so golden. We
are reflective, proud and tall. We
dare expose our incandescence
to scrutiny's glare, our dazzle
undimmed even as
our glaze crackles, peels.
We're trying to cope
by envisioning smooth,
by ignoring
any unpluggedness.
So, side by side, we
are sitting pretty,
as always-
here together.
And there,
waiting :
a door,


by gaye gambell-peterson

Thanks again to AAA Antiques (Peoria, Ill.) for the great photos.