Monday, April 07, 2008

Contest update -- Poem Bakeoff, a report from the kitchen

Thank you, ambitious souls who have already submitted entries! There's still plenty of time left for those of you still crafting your poems. And for those of you who've grumbled about the difficulty of combining opera, proportion and brine (those seem to generate the most angst) in a single poem, I refer you to Contemporary Verse's contest, which runs only 48 hours and this year presented a list of 10 words, one of which was . . . thorax.

Yes, thorax. You can be grateful that contest is already over -- you're too late now to sweat over that one.

So, no whining. Get back to the kitchen, bake me a poem.

(Full disclosure -- I did enter their contest, thorax and all, but the subject of my poem was Whitman, and the magazine is Canadian, so I'll guess my chances are .... zip?)

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