Monday, May 25, 2009

New and wonderful lit mag locator

Newly tops on my list of luscious and utterly useful websites for writers --! Go explore, and do check out the search, advanced search, and especially the "list all mags" section, where you can easily identify a publication based on color-coded criteria. This is ideal for someone searching for print-only, for experimental interests or more traditional. It's the only place I've seen where you can quickly find publications that print poetry only. For prose writers, some of the search capabilities are even more refined (e.g. word limit).

Most of the entries indicate whether they have been submitted by someone on the staff of the literary publication, to help you gauge the accuracy of the information. You can also submit comments about the publications.

The well organized and visual nature of the website make it a pleasure to use.

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Catherine Rankovic said...

This is a treasure, Becky!