Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mothers Day: Mothers in hard places - Patty Prewitt

News in from a local poet who sends information about "a prisoner (get ready - there's a lot of alliteration here), named Patty Prewitt. Who is a poet. She's around 55 or 60 year old woman who's been in prison 20 years for the murder of her husband. She's maintained that she's innocent and seems to have had an unfair trial process. Her poems are interesting and paint a vivid picture of the person she is and her experience in prison. I wonder what you think of them and if you have recommendations on how they might reach a wider audience. They are not necessarily technically polished, but her gut instincts are good and she's also clearly read a lot of poetry too."

And Patty Prewitt's poems are worth a read, here on Mother's Day.  You can hear her reading two of them on this web site -- go to section 3B for a video/audio.  (Turn your volume way up; the audio is very soft.)

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