Sunday, August 22, 2010

Literary St. Louis - ah, it's mostly fiction

The local Riverfront Times is headlining a feature on St. Louis literaries, triggered by Time magazine's current cover story on St. Louis author Jonathan Franzen.  The Riverfront Times article is well worth the read, presenting many nuggets that even the most savvy probably didn't know.  Dig around through the article and the accompanying literary maps to find where T.S. Eliot found the names for Prufrock, the first meetingplace of a poetry society that included Sara Teasdale, and the home and school of Ntozake Shange.  Much fiction, a few poets.

The article:
An accompanying feature, with four parts plus maps, including a brief article on poet Howard Nemerov:

If you want more, check out the Walk of Fame in the Delmar ("Loop") area, which includes local fameratti, many of them literary:  Hint, sort by "Achievement" to easily find the literary fameratti -- will appear, no surprise, at the very bottom of the page. Sigh.

(No, "fameratti" isn't a real word...yet. Just feels right.)

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